Clients List

Our client list is diverse - both in business sector and geography. Most of our business is with clients in the UK and France, however we also have clients in the US, Canada, India, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Portugal and Australia. Our clients range from small businesses to multi-national corporations. Listed below are just some of our clients. Many of our clients continue to do business with us year after year.

  Ambay Software LLC
  Ambro Adjustment Inc
Barr Construction, Barr Quarries and Barr Environmental
  BST Transport Limited
Business Continuity Services
  CJA Solutions Limited
ClaimHub, Inc.
  Component Coatings Services Limited
  Federation Against Software Theft (FAST)
Frontpage Design
GARAIO Technology Lab
Geographic Solutions, Inc.
Hines & Associates, Inc
  Interware Group
  JMP Surveyors
Life Technologies Corp
MicroLogix Information Systems, Inc.
  Microsupport Solutions
MST Systems Limited
Newgrove Consultants Limited
nlyte Limited Limited
Novaflow Systems, Inc.
Osler Medical
Pacific HVAC Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology
SAC Consulting
Scottish Enterprise
Software Answers, Inc.
Targeting Innovation
  V & M Tubes
Virtual Interface, Inc.
  Virtual Logic, Inc.
VMOG UK Limited
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