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  • Digital Forms

    McLaughlin & Harvey use Formistica to improve the way the company plans, performs and analyses Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) site audits for clients such IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Rolls Royce.
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  • Skip Hire App

    Ecatenate was asked to build a web and mobile apps used by back office administrators and drivers who deliver and collect skips for Barr Environmental’s skip hire business. The web app allows administrators to manage and schedule skip hire operations. The mobile app uses an innovative data compression developed by Ecatenate to minimise the cellular mobile costs for drivers using the app in remote locations.
    Barr Environmental

  • Digital Forms

    Vallourec is using Formistica to help maintain compliance and drive productivity for their technicians in oil and gas centres all over the world. Formistica is a digital forms integration platform developed by Ecatenate. The company has over 250 technicians providing highly specialised technical support for clients using tubular products in oil and gas installations all over the world. Vallourec uses Formistica to deploy digital exam forms to their technicians, process and validate the results and send out exam certificates.
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  • Commercial Management System

    In 2015 McLaughlin & Harvey commissioned us to develop a commercial management system called SCOPE. SCOPE integrates companies, contracts, orders, variations and payments into a cohesive commercial management system. SCOPE has now grown into a key app for the business.
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  • Quote, Orders & Weighbridge System

    Barr Environmental – part of the Barr group of companies – commissioned Ecatenate to develop a web-based quote & order management system. The web application is is used throughout the Barr Environmental network in Scotland. Technology used is SQL Server 2008 and ASP.NET, jQuery & AJAX, Web Services.

  • Housing Stock Survey Analytics App

    SID Asset Management (formerly JMP Surveyors) commissioned Ecatenate to develop a housing stock survey analytics web app called “SID”. The app provides UK councils and housing associations with a powerful reporting and querying tool to analyse strategic data on their housing stock and to produce SHQS-compliant reports. Technology used is SQL Server and ASP.NET.
    JMP Surveyors

  • Quote & Order Management Web App

    Breedon Aggregates (formerly Barr Quarries) awarded Ecatenate the contract to develop a quote & order management web app. The app is used at several quarries in south west Scotland. The app has simplified the installation and maintenance of every quarry’s business system. Technology used is SQL Server and ASP.NET, JavaScript & web services.
    Breedon Aggregates

  • Yard Management System

    Ecatenate was asked to develop an app to help Vallourec manage jobs and products in stock yards for Scotland and Norway. Tubular products are prepared for offshore drilling by customers operating in the north sea oil and gas industry. The app includes a visual job scheduling and workflow approval system for managing jobs and changes based on customer demand. The web app was developed using .NET, C#, SQL Server, JavaScript and ASP.NET.

  • Back Orders System

    ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly Invitrogen) asked Ecatenate to develop a database system to support the Logistics department in managing and tracking back orders.
    ThermoFisher Scientific

  • Debt Tracker

    ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly Invitrogen) commissioned Ecatenate to develop a database system to support the Accounts Receivable department in tracking outstanding invoices for European sales.
    ThermoFisher Scientific

  • Consultant Portal

    The Crayon Group (formerly Federation Against Software Theft) awarded Ecatenate the contract to develop and support ‘Filecruncher’ – a web app that provides software asset management consultants with a sophisticated file recognition engine and management app. The solution was developed using .NET, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server and ASP.NET.
    Crayon Group

  • Field Service Management Web App

    Vallourec commissioned Ecatenate to develop web amd mobile apps used by field service technicians working in the company’s oil & gas service division. The apps are used to manage and schedule field service operations including jobs, products, technicians and equipment. The apps use has continued to grow over the last 8 years and is accessed by field service technicians globally. The web app was developed using .NET, C#, SQL Server, JavaScript and ASP.NET.

  • Manufacturing Production Dashboard

    Ecatenate has been developing and supporting systems for Vallourec UK for more than 10 years. Ecatenate recently developed a successful system that provides the company’s managers with a production dashboard. The dashboard is decision-support tool that presents important data in a clear and simple way, allowing managers to make decisions rapidly. The solution was developed using Visual Basic and SQL Server.

  • Software License Management Windows App

    Ecatenate developed ‘Sofware Organiser’ for right2Use. Software Organiser is a Windows app used by 100’s of companies in the UK to help them manage software license compliance. The tool was developed using .NET and SQL Server.

  • SQL Server Security Solution – Siemens (US)

    Siemens selected Ecatenate to provide a SQL Server security solution for its software development team. The solution was developed using Visual Basic and SQL Server.

  • Client Segmentation Web App – Scottish Enterprise (UK)

    Scottish Enterprise asked Ecatenate to develop a web app to support its client segmentation activities for economic development. The app was used throughout the Scottish Enterprise network of enterprise companies. The solution was developed using .NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript and ASP.NET.

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