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Formistica 2.0

Ecatenate launches Formistica 2.0 online form builder app to growing global user base.

Version 2.0 has powerful new features that provide greater flexibility and make it even easier to build and deploy forms to mobile, tablet and desktop users.

  • Conditional Logic
  • Show or hide a form’s fields based on the data values selected or entered into other fields. Set a form’s field data value based on the data values selected or entered into other fields.
  • Integration
  • Create one or more form actions that are triggered after each form is submitted. Form actions offer a great deal of flexibility and can automate time-consuming manual tasks. Form actions can send email messages with content and attachments that incorporate submitted form data. Export submitted form data to Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, XML, CSV and JSON. Form actions can upload submitted form data to FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Data in submitted forms can be merged into Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents using template tags.
  • Remote Data Lists
  • Most digital forms need one or more list fields, for example a list of products. Formistica Remote Data Lists will automatically refresh lists of data extracted from your own systems and databases. This means your forms will contain lists that are synchronised with your back office systems.

Formistica will deliver quick wins for your organisation in productivity improvement and task automation.

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