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Ecatenate Develops Subcontractor Performance Audit App for McLaughlin & Harvey

McLaughlin & Harvey has launched an app to audit subcontractor performance. Ecatenate developed the app using Formistica. The progressive web app is being used on construction projects for clients such IKEA, Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. Formistica is a digital forms integration platform developed by Ecatenate.

Subcontractor audits are critical in measuring and managing subcontractor performance and reducing the risk of managing complex civil engineering projects.

McLaughlin & Harvey has been in the building and civil engineering and property development sector for more than 160 years, operating across Britain and Ireland. The firm maintains a high standard of compliance and wanted to simplify the effort involved in coordinating the administration and support of auditing activity and reporting.

Ecatenate has used Formistica to help the company to improve the way they plan, perform and analyse subcontractor audits. These improvements have been implemented by McLaughlin & Harvey’s own operational administrators using Formistica without any requirement for custom software development time and cost.

The company’s auditors complete a subcontractor audit form on a tablet or mobile with the Formistica app. Subcontractors are scored on pre-defined categories. Subcontractor audit forms use Formistica’s “remote lists” capability to incorporate lists of projects and subcontractors. The data for these lists is automatically extracted from the company’s other systems on a daily basis.

The results of the subcontractor audits can be analysed in a web dashboard also developed by Ecatenate. This provides valuable insight into how a project’s subcontractors are performing.

As soon as a subcontractor audit form is submitted, Formistica sends a report PDF and email notification with audit scores and summary details to key people involved in the project. This has significantly reduced the administration effort required to collate, check and distribute reports to project managers, clients and subcontractors. This has also improved the turnaround time from when an audit is planned to reporting on the results.

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