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McLaughlin & Harvey Use Formistica to Improve SHEQ Audits

McLaughlin & Harvey use Formistica for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) audit inspections on sites for clients such IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and GSK. Formistica is a digital forms integration platform developed by Ecatenate. SHEQ audits are critical in ensuring acceptable quality and reducing the risk of managing complex civil engineering projects.

McLaughlin & Harvey has been in the building and civil engineering and property development sector for more than 160 years, operating across Britain and Ireland. The firm maintains a high standard of SHEQ compliance and wanted to simplify the effort involved in coordinating the administration and support of SHEQ activity and reporting.

Formistica has helped the company to improve the way they plan, perform and analyse SHEQ site audits. Using Formistica’s integration capability has allowed the company to automate the delivery of PDF reports and email notifications to managers and clients.

These improvements have been implemented by McLaughlin & Harvey’s own SHEQ administrators using Formistica without any requirement for custom software development time and cost.

The company’s auditors complete a Formistica site audit form on a tablet or mobile. Often the form has to be completed over several days and offline, where there is no Internet connection. Forms include “conditional logic” to control specific form behaviour such as hiding irrelevant questions or when “non conformance” is recorded. Auditors also use Formistica to take photographs as part of the site audit form which are included in audit PDF reports. Auditors can annotate photos where required.


Site audit forms use Formistica’s “remote lists” capability to incorporate lists of external subcontractors, internal contacts and other lists into each form. The data for these lists is automatically extracted from the company’s other systems on a daily basis. This simplifies the analysis of site audit results as the data can be easily integrated with other McLaughlin & Harvey systems. Formistica is able to automatically extract lists of data from any external system using an API. This can be quickly and easily set-up by an administrator and does not require a developer.

As soon as a site audit form is submitted, Formistica sends a site report PDF and email notification with audit scores and summary details to key people involved in the project. This has significantly reduced the administration effort required to collate, check and distribute reports to project managers, clients and subcontractors. This has also improved the turnaround time from when an audit is planned to reporting on the results.

Formistica integrates with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and allows reports to be automatically scored, exported and sent to key people selected in the site audit forms.

McLaughlin & Harvey is also using Formistica to build digital forms that record near misses, review subcontractors and streamline other SHEQ requirements.

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