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Product Development

Do you want to develop a software product you can sell? Do you want to commercialise an existing in-house software app? Does your organisation want to provide a software app to support your consulting services? Do you want to transition a web app used by a single client to a multi-tenant web app you can sell to other clients? We have the expertise and ready-made software frameworks to help.

Rapid Time-to-Market

Establising in-house software development skills is time-consuming and, for most organisations, falls outside their core business and competencies. With our skilled developers involved at every stage of the project, you can have confidence that your software product will be developed on time. We have a proven track record of building great products quickly and carefully. We use the ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) approach to help you develop a product prototype that focuses on high-value features and customer requirements.

Future Growth

The software apps we develop are extensible, easily maintained and scalable. This ensures that your products is built with room for future growth. This allows your organisation to meet the needs of any future changes to your client base and strengthen its position in the market. We can help you plan your product’s roadmap to give your customer more and better features.

Reaching New Markets

Are you missing out on an untapped market just because your existing product is only available in English? If your app could be used by customers who use non-English languages, will your app function correctly? We have ready-made software frameworks to help you transition your product from an English-only to a multi-language product. Our multi-language framework allows new languages to be easily added to your app with only the help of a translator.

Licensing Strategy

Choosing the best licensing scheme is critical for the success of a software product. We can help you adapt your software’s architecture to the most effective licensing strategy. Your product’s licensing may require the management and distrubtion of licence keys or to integrate with your organsation’s ecommerce systems. We are experienced in building these capabilities into software apps.

Data Security

Security is an important part of any software product and a priority for us. We can help you develop software products protect your clients’ users and data. We have proven experience of building apps with advanced encryption technology to protect confidential and sensitive information. We have established software security frameworks that we use to add ‘boilerplate’ protection to the apps we develop.

Help Content

Making your product easy to use is crucial. If your clients find it difficult to get up and running with your app they will look for other solutions. The simplicity, quality and accuracy of your app’s help content could make the difference between a customer renewing their subscription or abandoning your product. We can help you implement online help for your product. We have tried and tested experience in building context-sensitive help systems in software products. We have a ready-made help content management software framework. This will allow you to author your product’s help without developer support. Our help content framework also has multi-language support.


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Commercial Software Apps

We are experienced in the product development of commercial software apps including native apps and multi-tenant “software as a service” (SaaS) web apps. A commercial app has special requirements over and above that of an in-house app. A commercial app requires data and user security, licence management, multi-language support and help content. We specialise in developing software apps using .NET, Xamarin, SQL Server, C#, JavaScript and ASP.NET.

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