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Software Development

Our development tools and ready-made software frameworks allow us to work faster than our rivals. We use rapid prototyping which avoids nasty surprises. We build software that perfectly matches your requirements. Our approach to development keeps your costs at a minimum.

We specialise in the software development of bespoke mobile and web apps using SQL Server, .NET, C#, Xamarin, JavaScript and ASP.NET.

We work with small and large organisations in a variety of sectors. We’re often asked to help other software companies because we are recognised as SQL Server and .NET experts. The systems we have developed range from small Windows apps to large multi-site, multi-user web apps with thousands of users. We also develop commerce web sites, intranet web apps, and web portals.

We have developed ready-made frameworks for adding capabilities to web apps such as:

  • Multi-language and regional locale support
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Microsoft Office document and spreadsheet conversion to PDF
  • User interface grids with paging, filtering and sorting that work with large amounts of data
  • File upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

We can help with all stages of the app development lifecycle from initial concept right through to the finished product. We have helped many of our clients with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) workshops, minimum value product (MVP) prototype development, requirements specification, testing, installation and support.

We have expertise in developing offline progressive web apps (PWA) that use capabilities such as the HTML5 application cache and service workers.

Interested? Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a fixed-price quotation.

Our Approach

We can help you meet your organisation objectives within your budget. Our software development service is based on a staged approach that uses elements of both “agile” and “waterfall” methodologies.

Throughout a software development project we provide our clients with regular progress reports and work-in-progress proof-of-concepts.

Our 7 stage approach involves:

1. Requirements
Discuss requirements and key performance expectations with project stakeholders. Produce brief requirements-overview document (a “System Requirments Specification”) and review with client.

2. Produce Functional Specification
Produce a specification document that provides a scope for the whole project. The document is the terms of reference for all development. The specification would include user interface (UI) mock-ups. It also contains user experience (UX) requirements for different operating environments (browser, tablet, mobile), personas (types of users) and user journeys.

3. Develop Prototype Version
Develop a prototype or “proof-of-concept” version to demonstrate the concept, look & feel and key technology to be used in the project.

4. Develop Feature Complete Version
Develop a feature complete version that is usable and robust.

5. Quality Assurance Testing
Define an app test strategy including test scenarios. Testing covers six areas: Functionality, Usability, Interface, Compatibility, Performance and Security.

6. Deployment
Deploy the database and app.

7. Support
Provide warranty support and ongoing support for bug fixes. Provide support based on an agreed service level agreement (SLA).

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