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SQL Server Support

We can offer SQL Server support for small and large companies. We are happy to act as a dedicated support resource for you or to work alongside your own developers and database administrators. We are able to offer training and mentoring to your own support technicians so that they learn from our expertise.

We have experience in most SQL Server technology areas, including: Analysis Services & OLAP, Bulk Import, Integration Services, Full-Text Search, MDX, Replication, Reporting Services, Security, SQL Management Objects, SQL Database Mail, SQLXML, T-SQL, SQL Server Express.

We have two support packages to offer. There are some prerequisites for both support packages. We would, first perform a SQL Health Check. We must be able to connect to your SQL Server remotely via a VPN. We can use tools such as Remote Desktop or TeamViewer to access SQL Server.

Standard Support (Annual Contract)

This is the standard level of support. We will monitor your SQL Server every week to identify any problems and prevent downtime. Any on-site visits would incur additional charges. We will respond to SQL Server problems you report to us within one working day. Our support activites would include:

  • Check back-ups are operational, investigate and resolve problems
  • Monitor back-up strategy
  • Monitor database size, transaction log size, disk space
  • Check performance, investigate and resolve problems
  • Check database indexes, rebuild where necessary
  • Check SQL Server services, SQL Agent, SQL Database Mail, DTC, Full-Text Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services
  • Check SQL Agent jobs, investigate and resolve problems
  • Check SQL Server logs and Event Log for errors, investigate and resolve problems
  • Check for availability of SQL Server Service Packs and hotfixes and advise on when to apply
  • 9am to 5pm support hours

Extended Support (Annual Contract)

This includes all the features of Standard Support with the addition Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our SLA provides you with:

  • 2 Hour response time for emergencies
  • Extended support hours
  • 2 on-site visits
  • Same-day call out

Ad Hoc Support

This is a flexible support arrangement that is tailored to your requirements. For example, if you already have database administrators and just need support in certain specialist areas. You can either call on our expertise and pay a fixed hourly rate or purchase consulting hours from us in advance. If you require a contractural Service Level Agreement then we are happy to discuss your requirements.

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Interested? Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a fixed-price quotation.

Our Support

Our support offers the following benefits:

Proactive Support

Rather than waiting until there is a problem that may interrupt business operations we are proactive in preventing problems. We achieve this by regular monitoring, tuning and problem solving.


We can provide on-site support where necessary. Many of our customers enjoy rapid response via our remote support. We can provide remote response using a VPN,  Remote Desktop, TeamViewer and SQL Server Management Studio.

Technical Expertise

Our SQL Server consultants have tried and tested commercial experience with small and large companies.

Personalised Site Knowledge

Every SQL Server installation is different. Rather that using a consultant ignorant of your setup, we will get to know your site setup and configuration and understand your specific requirements.


We have standard procedures for reporting, documenting and escalating support incidents. You will be able to track the progress of support incidents using our web-based helpdesk application.

Health Check

We ask that a full SQL Server health check is carried out before undertaking any support contract.

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