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Training & Mentoring


Training is great to get your developers and database administrators started, improve performance and implement new technologies. Our training will go in depth and provide the skills and knowledge to equip your people for application design, development, support and troubleshooting. We can providing training based on a standard syllabus or can adapt the topics to fill specific knowledge and skill gaps you may have. Our training is always hands-on and can be on-site or off-site – whatever suits.

For SQL Server we can cover general development and administration areas or very specific topics like T-SQL performance tuning. For development tools we can provide developer training for C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET or specific topics your developers need to know about ADO.NET optimisation, jQuery, JSON.


We understand that every environment and every project is different. While training will covers your common concerns sometimes you may have a very specific problem or a complex design challenge that needs to be addressed.

An ideal solution for this situation is Mentoring. Mentoring is really a blend of consulting and training. Instead of providing a consulting service on a project that involves implementing each and every tiny detail – onsite mentoring is streamlined. Our mentor will meet with you and determine your largest areas of concern. The consultant will help you solve some of your most important priorities and then document additional steps to consider and design.

Interested? Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a fixed-price quotation.

Training Topics

Our courses are taught by consultants who possess both field-tested technical expertise and good communication skills. Our consultants are happy to provide post-training support by e-mail for all students. Feel free to ask for their advice or just pick their brains during and after your training. We can provide training on the following topics:

Querying SQL Server with T-SQL

Provide technical skills required to write basic T-SQL queries for SQL Server.

Advanced Querying SQL Server with T-SQL

Provide technical skills required to write advanced T-SQL queries for SQL Server. This topic covers optimisation, Common Table Expresssions, Window Functions, stored procedures, user defined functions and more.

Administering SQL Server

Provide knowledge and skills required to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot SQL Server.

Developing a SQL Server Database

Provide knowledge and technical skills required to design & develop SQL Server database solution.

Building C# & SQL Server ASP.NET Web Apps

Provide knowledge and technical skills to build C# ASP.NET web apps using ADO.NET and SQL Server. We can also cover VB.NET instead of C#.


SQL Server Advanced: Performace Tuning

Provide knowledge and technical skills to enhance the performance of SQL Server

SQL Server Advanced: Integration Services

Provide knowledge and technical skills to enhance the performance of SQL Server.

SQL Server Advanced: Reporting Services

Provide knowledge and skills to author, deploy, and manage reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.

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