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Vallourec Improves Compliance for Technicians Using Formistica

Vallourec is using Formistica to help maintain compliance and drive productivity for their technicians in oil and gas centres all over the world. Formistica is a digital forms integration platform developed by Ecatenate. Formistica has helped Vallourec achieve American Petroleum Institute (API) and ISO compliance.

Vallourec is the world leader in premium tubular solutions serving the energy markets. The company has over 19,000 employees and a presence in more than 20 countries. Vallourec has used Formistica to handle thousands of digital forms over the last few years.

Vallourec has over 250 technicians providing highly specialised technical support for clients such as Baker Hughes, Shell, BP and Total who use Vallourec’s tubular products in oil and gas installations all over the world. The oil and gas industry is strictly regulated which means every technician’s compliance with the latest standards for products and services is critical.

Vallourec uses Formistica to deploy digital exam forms to their technicians, process and validate the results and send out exam certificates. Formistica’s flexible integration capability is also used to automatically notify managers by email of exam results and attach a completed exam to each technician’s record on an external training system.

Technicians use a tablet or mobile to complete the digital exam form. Exams forms can be completed offline if required. Vallourec has used Formistica to create exam forms in multiple languages with text, lists, photos and diagrams.

Alastair Brodie, a senior technical manager at Vallourec, comments on the benefits, “Using Formistica has resulted in significant time and cost savings from the paper and spreadsheet-based approach we used in the past. Formistica has helped us ask and mark around 180,000 exam questions”.

Our Products page has more information on the Formistica digital forms platform.

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